Georgia Hill Mural Completed!

And just like that, our mural is complete!

Georgia Hill has done the most beautiful job working on this Mount Gambier stone.  We loved the texture of the wall and couldn’t have anything too bold that would take away the wow factor of Carn Brae.  Now we have an old WOW and a new contemporary WOW!

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The Big Picture Fest Port Pirie Carn Brae Mural

The Big Picture Fest Port Pirie is underway.  Five murals are being painted around Port Pirie, one of them is the old Coke-Cola wall, which is in the driveway of Carn Brae.  Georgia Hill began painting her magic today. We are excited about her design and very much looking forward to seeing it finished!  Stay tuned!

There is much more Georgia will do, this is only the first day of painting.  It’s a subtle print that will blend in well with the texture of the wall and all the other delicate patterns and features of Carn Brae.

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Business Port Pirie Drinks

In September we held our first official function at Carn Brae.  As a member of Business Port Pirie, we held an event for all members and non members of the community.  With around 60 guests attending for drinks and nibbles, members took advantage of looking through Carn Brae and our facilities.

Many of our guests had never seen inside, and some had only ever been in there when it was opened as a Museum in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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Dinner with Friends

This was our 2nd official booking, where a group of friends booked Carn Brae for a weekend, and I was a part of it! A fantastic event, in which we had to turn our formal dining room into a 5th bedroom to accommodate 5 couples, but it was all worth it. I used to work with these great people in Adelaide
and our weekend adventures were always spent at a Port Elliot estate, however it had become so ‘exclusive’ that it now costs $7000 a night! So we stopped catching up because we couldn’t find anything as good at a reasonable price…..until now!

 We have always enjoyed a Saturday night dinner using whatever we could find in the house and in the garden, and Carn Brae was no exception to this experience. With all crockery, cutlery, and glassware provided, a fully equipped kitchen, the food we’d brought and herbs from the garden, we created a fabulous meal that we enjoyed in a spectacular setting. I was thrilled to bring wonderful people from Adelaide to my home town. Carn Brae is just a gorgeous space for people coming together. So much drinking, eating and laughing to be done, so many good memories made.

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Carn Brae

Carn Brae now open for Business! Boutique accommodation unlike anything else in the region. A beautiful, heritage listed building that has been magnificently restored to its former glory.

carn brae port pirie accommodation blog carn brae

The perfect venue for your event be it a wedding, birthday or any special celebration. A perfectly appointed residence for your next team motivational retreat. Book Carn Brae now!

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Reviving The Fountain

The beautiful fountain, in the courtyard of Carn Brae, was a big challenge awaiting the labours of an honest champion. David went to work, and boy did he have to work. He removed the plants and soil. A hard few hours labour. Then he set about removing the bricks, stones, and various pieces of masonry that had also been used as filler.

carn brae port pirie accommodation blog fountain restoration
carn brae port pirie accommodation blog fountain work

Quite the adventure and a much longer labour of love than anticipated! Primed and sealed, tested and ready to be returned to its former splendor, our fountain looks magnificent. Soon to be filled with fish and water plants, it will be a soothing, tranquil spot to relax, unwind and let the delicate sound of the gentle fountain lull our guests into a state of bliss. The wine will help.

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