This was our 2nd official booking, where a group of friends booked Carn Brae for a weekend, and I was a part of it! A fantastic event, in which we had to turn our formal dining room into a 5th bedroom to accommodate 5 couples, but it was all worth it. I used to work with these great people in Adelaide
and our weekend adventures were always spent at a Port Elliot estate, however it had become so ‘exclusive’ that it now costs $7000 a night! So we stopped catching up because we couldn’t find anything as good at a reasonable price…..until now!

 We have always enjoyed a Saturday night dinner using whatever we could find in the house and in the garden, and Carn Brae was no exception to this experience. With all crockery, cutlery, and glassware provided, a fully equipped kitchen, the food we’d brought and herbs from the garden, we created a fabulous meal that we enjoyed in a spectacular setting. I was thrilled to bring wonderful people from Adelaide to my home town. Carn Brae is just a gorgeous space for people coming together. So much drinking, eating and laughing to be done, so many good memories made.